Custom Leather Program

Custom Leather Program 1Custom Leather Program 2

We at Keleen understand that often times your project calls for a color that is very unique and hard to come by.  To better serve our clients, we have developed a custom leather program that allows us to custom dye hides to match any color under the sun.  All we need from you is a control sample to send to our expert production team. This control sample can be a swatch of paint, piece of fabric or even a colored piece of paper. We can also offer incredible matches to many grains and sheens. Below are some of the collections we can custom color.

Collection                                Minimum                 Hide Size

Stingray Panache                   500 sf                            50 sf

Color Kisses                              500 sf                            55 sf

Gelato                                           1 hide                            45 to 60 sf

Color Clutch                              1 hide                           45 to 60 sf

Tropical Splash                         1 hide                           45 to 60 sf

Coral Reef                                   1 hide                            45 to 60 sf

Upcharges may apply depending on quantity. Other minimums vary by collection.