Our Company

In the early 1970s, Rick Mullen was an independent representative marketing custom furniture to architects and designers.  He became intrigued by the leathers coming into the factory. Some were wonderfully luxurious, while others looked and felt like low grade vinyl, although both were still “leather”.  His quest began in that instant, when his curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit took over.

Our Journey

A year of researching passed, and his questions remained unanswered. Trips to libraries and interviewing professionals did not help as much as anticipated. So, he visited a tannery in Switzerland.  Its fourth generation expert / owner had his answers. He told him to focus on the acquisition of the best raw material and the true art of tanning.  Before long, he was prepared to offer leather with performance requirements needed by customers.

As his leather company was born, so was his daughter Keleen.  He had a company and the perfect name for it – Keleen Leathers.

Our Company

Keleen Leathers is now owned and operated by the four members of the Mullen family, with the essential help of an amazing team.  We are proud to provide the top architects and interior designers in the world with gorgeous leather and interior products sourced from only the best tanneries.

Located outside of Chicago and represented across the globe, KL truly understands the needs of our clients and the industry.  We have great knowledge of leather and the ability to create incredible leather offerings we are proud to call our own.  Finally, we are committed to having the best service in the industry.

Our Present

As a family company, we genuinely care about Keleen Leathers and the clients we serve.  We pledge to run an honest, open-minded company while continuing to seek amazing new and different products for the interior design and architectural community.

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