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Keleen Leathers Featured in Kylie Jenner’s Hidden Hills Home

We Were Asked To Provide Beautiful Gradations of Pink Leather

Soon after we saw them beautifully upholstered in a photograph in Architectural Digest’s March 2019 Issue.  This gorgeous home belongs to makeup tycoon Kylie Jenner’s. A space so vibrant and fluid with bursts of colorful energy.

kylie jenner living room

Pieces from Damien Hirst’s “I Love You” series anchor the dining room. Brass chandelier by Coup D’etat; custom table and chairs by Martyn Lawrence Bullard; shag rug by Woven: leather by Keleen Leathers, Inc.

What were you doing when you were 21 years old? Looking for a job? Settling for an unpaid internship? Shopping for a foldout futon? Kylie Jenner hasn’t got time for all that. The wildly popular entrepreneur, reality-television star, and youngest member of the Jenner/Kardashian clan is busy presiding over a cosmetics empire worth roughly $800 million. Forbes magazine speculated that she… Continue Reading at Original Source.

Keleen Leathers Donates to Housing Work’s Design On a Dime

We received a wonderful note from Kellie Sirignano, co-owner of Kellie Franklin alongside Franklin Salasky, regarding our contribution to Housing Work’s Design on a Dime.

Housing Work's Design on a Dime, Jon Carter Photo, Kellie Franklin

Navy Shearling Hides Provided By Keleen Leathers, Inc. For Housing Work’s Design on a Dime

Franklin and I wanted to extend our sincere gratitude for Keleen Leather’s contribution to our design vignette at Housing Work’s Design on a Dime.  Thank you for helping us make a positive difference.  This event is so rewarding, and we had another incredible experience this year.  We’re happy to let you know that with your help, the event raised over $1.2M.  Your support encourages us in our continued commitment to promote the design community, as well as Housing Works and their mission.  

 We’ve included a link to images of all the vignettes and attached a professional image of our design.  We hope you love it as much as we do!  See More Here. Photo credit: Jon Carter Photo

Thank you again!

Kellie Sirignano


HSH Interiors & Revitaliste Reupholster Vintage Chairs With Shearling by Keleen Leathers

Our Natural Shearling was used to upholster these beautiful vintage chairs.

Vintage Chairs Reupholstered in Shearling By Keleen Leathers | HSH Interiors

Holly Hollenbeck’s fabulous new store in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond neighborhood houses vintage chairs upholstered in Shearling – Slate by Keleen Leathers, Inc.

We love the combination of brass with the charcoal grey shearling. Tell us a bit about your design decisions for these chairs.

The frames were originally in chrome.  I’m not really a chrome fan, and wanted them to have a warmer feel.  We decided on the matt antique brass finish, and felt the grey shearling was the perfect compliment.  Warm and cool, chic and cozy.

Vintage Chairs Reupholstered in Shearling By Keleen Leathers | HSH Interiors

Beautiful vintage chairs upholstered in Shearling – Slate by Keleen Leathers, Inc.

You’re a seasoned interior designer with many design resources. Why did you decide to work with Revitaliste? How did you find the experience?

We have been in business since 2002 and have worked with many local artisans.  Revitaliste made the process of transforming these chairs easy (they even helped source the shearling for us); it was one-stop shopping and the price was competitive with other local sources.  And the chairs came out beautifully!

Vintage Chairs Reupholstered in Shearling By Keleen Leathers | HSH Interiors

Chairs upholstered in Keleen Leathers’ “Shearling – Slate” and powder coated in a matte antique brass finish.

Original Article: Revitaliste Blog
Photography by Poppy Lynch

Keleen Leathers Owner Introduces KLAD™

A design first, Keleen’s KLAD™ system offers designers the ability to create floor to ceiling installations using any of our leathers. This is the only leather wall system able to be trimmed on-site for a perfect fit every time. Download the KLAD Brochure.

Keleen Leathers’ KLAD™ Luxury Leather Walls offers designers an exciting new design dimension to create leather walls. Designs of all shapes and sizes can be precision cut to specified dimensions using any of Keleen’s exceptional leathers as the surface material. Designers also have a range of options using hair on hides, which are cut using steel rule dies.

 KLAD™ Luxury Leather Walls Benefits Include:

  1. Amazingly Beautiful – creates a dramatic impact in any space.
  2. Leather walls are acoustical, flexible, and inherently flameproof.
  3. Adobe Illustrator Compliant – you create it, we can cut it.
  4. Tailored Finish – pieces mount securely to the wall with no bagging,
    wrinkles, or tension points. Can be used on curved surfaces and columns.
  5. Its premium pad offers a luxurious soft touch and exceptional resiliency.
  6. Design Flexibility – unlimited design combinations by mixing sizes, shapes, and leathers.
  7. Simple and extremely cost effective to install.
  8. No complicated methods with specialized installers and no complex track
    systems. A damaged tile can be easily removed and replaced.

KLAD™ Luxury Leather Wall Designs


Automotive Leather - Keleen Leathers Blog Icon

The pendulum has swung back and forth when it comes to the use of leather in automobiles. Years and years ago the use of leather was predominant throughout an automotive interior.  Seating, door panels, and even headliners were all in leather.  In the ’50s it became a combination of some leather, some vinyl.  In the ‘60’s and ‘70s manufacturers went almost totally to vinyls for their upholstery materials, attempting to keep costs down, into the ‘90s, it is back again to leather, the miracle product of nature.  Strong, rough and rugged as a bull, yet breathable, soft and supple as baby’s butt depending on how it is tanned, nothing manmade can even approach the features of the incredible product – leather.

The long molecular chains in the leather’s makeup create a product that wears out razor blades after just a few cuts, demonstrating its truly unusual strength and durability. Yet these three-dimensional chains are what allow it to drape and mold to any contour, offering a look when upholstered nonexistent with any manmade material.  The porous structure of the natural skin provides a very desirable breathability and absorption of color creating a beauty only Mother Nature can offer.

But leather isn’t leather! Vast differences exist in leather when tanned for different end uses.  For the purpose of this article let me limit the discussion to the differences between leather tanned for furniture versus lather tanned for automotive end use.  Generally, when tanning leathers we look to accomplish three goals.  First is to make the product inert.  It is initially a living substance and we must stop what would be the process of decomposition.  Then we want to both color and soften the material for upholstery use.  The hides are placed in very large drums and rotated with numerous chemicals to impart desirable features we wish to have in the finished product.

Four major differences exist in tanning skins for automotive end use versus furniture use:

  1. 1. The split or thickness of the leather should be greater. Automotive end use demands far more “use and abuse” than furniture. Heavier threads are used in sewing, and more sliding across and bouncing up and down are encountered as one rolls down today’s not so terrifically smooth highways.
  2. 2. Because of the above sliding and bouncing, automotive leathers require a little “harder” finish in the final stages of tanning to insure long-term wearability.
  3. 3. Automobile leathers are exposed to much more ultraviolet rays (sunlight) than furniture leathers and require more ultraviolet resistance or rapid fading and overall degradation of color will ensure.
  4. 4. Automobile leathers must be tanned to withstand more temperature extremes. Some cars wind up in northern Minnesota and others in southern Texas. Some cars go from one place to the other during their lives, and the owner expects the leather to hold up, and rightly so.

Therefore, be aware of these differences. Choose a reliable supplier and ask about how products being offered for sale are tanned. You will be the wiser and happier for it. Your investment in properly tanned leather will pay dividends as the years go by.

Relive 2015’s DreamHome Bedroom


Relive December’s DreamHome Bedroom Experience…

There’s something so delightful to remember from December (of 2015). Keleen Leathers’ Gigantic Rug was featured in DreamHome 2015 in the bedroom. Frank Fontana mentioned us in the video above. We were so happy to work with him and be a part of this amazing showcase of elegance and beauty. Take a 360 tour by clicking here.

Fontana’s vision was simple: a bedroom should be a retreat that stimulates the senses and tickles the imagination, while projecting the feeling of serenity and balance! With the room’s grounding undertones of rustic wood elements, Fontana and his team contrast glamorous finishes with layers of rich texture to create a warm, yet stylish motif awash in monochromatic gray tones. A clash of metallic wall coverings, gray wood planking, mirrored furnishings and sensible styling make this room a perfect Midwest meets city dream. Custom window treatments, custom hide rug, one of kind art piece accents and comfortable seating round out the show-stopping design. (Source)

A bit of information on our Gigantic Rugs: When one hair on hide rug just isn’t big enough…. our gigantic rugs are the solution! We can create a custom rug that is the perfect size for your space. Natural patterns, stencils, hair parlor… options are endless. Rugs are complete with backing. Call us at 630.590.5300 for more details.

Elle Décor Super Chic November 2015

Elle Décor Super Chic

Our leather is featured in this month’s issue of Elle Décor Super Chic. Utah 1618 was chosen for the beautifully upholstered ottoman. Now, Utah is often described as having that “Old World” look. A two-tone effect and a bit of oil on the surface gives these aniline hides charm and character. A clear water based top coat is applied at the end of the tanning process for a soft, smooth feel and a bit of added durability and stain protection. If you’re interested in doing a project similar to the one below, we recommend Utah. It is one of our many collections reflecting elegant vintage luxury.

P.S. Thank you for choosing Keleen Leathers.

Elle Décor Super Chic

Elle Décor Super Chic November 2015

NEWH Magazine: Have You Seen…

NEWH Magazine Fall 2015 Issue

Our new hair-on-hide leather collection HAIR PARLOR is featured in this Season’s publication!

NEWH Magazine Fall 2015 Hair Parlor Feature

More About Hair Parlor

Do “Brunettes Have More Fun”? Ready for your “Set & Style” you “Blonde Bombshell”? Want a “Purple Pixie Cut” or should I “Cover My Greys”? Whether you are “Up In Foils” getting “Highlights”, a “Silver Streak Cougar” or have “Purple Hair Don’t Care” The KL Hair Parlor has the right look for you! Hair Parlor is a combination of prime hair-on cowhides that are both acid-washed (Metallic or Non Metallic) and natural aniline dyed. Both are produced using the finest European hides. They are a very unique product imported from a specialized tannery in Italy. The acid-washed hair-on cowhides are dipped to create an acid-washed effect that is completely unique from hide to hide. The natural hair-on cowhides are dyed throughout.

So, go “Punk Blue” or “Rock The Mohawk”!!! Get a “Beautiful Blowout” on your “Platinum Blonde” “Goldie Locks”. The Hair Parlor is truly unique and really adds oomph to any room.

Sold in 55 SF full hides with the exception of “Highlights” which is available in half hides.

All running color ways may not be shown. Please call 1-630-590-5300.

Chicago Life Magazine Fall 2015 Issue

Keleen Leathers, Inc. was mentioned in the Chicago Life Magazine Fall 2015 Issue. BELTwalk and   KLAD™, our leather surface system were the topic of discussion. Why? Well…

Chicago Life Magazine

BELTwalk offers unlimited design possibilities at half the price of traditional leather floor & wall tiles! Cutting the leather into strips allows us to develop this magnificent leather at a 50% lower cost than if provided in squares. Keleen Leathers BELTwalk vegetable tanned leather flooring absorbs the traces of our life as it grows old without becoming unattractive.

KLAD™ offers exciting design styles for most surfaces…

…to create leather walls and floors. Designs of all shapes and sizes can be cut to specified dimensions using any of Keleen’s exceptional leathers and hair on hides as the surface material.

View the complete magazine by selecting Chicago Life Fall 2015 Issue.